Barre Fly is a fitness studio unlike any other. Classes we offer include barre, pilates, barre booty lift, aerial yoga, lyra hoop, and our own signature classes (H)HIIT and BarreFly! Our classes are a complete body workout that are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. You do not have to have any ballet training to take a barre class and it is not a dance class. Barre Fly takes the typical barre class up a level, literally. Our technique and sequencing ensure long lean muscles with no bulk.  

Barre Fly Classes have elements of classic barre, pilates, yoga, and anti-gravity core work. We focus on areas that are traditionally difficult for women to keep toned, hips, glutes, abs and arms. Our full body fitness classes works muscles to fatigue so you see fast results and feel stronger after just one class! 

We can talk about isometric movements and muscle confusion and how awesome you feel after completing a class but we really want you to come experience it for yourself! 






It all started when…

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