Class Descriptions



Barre class focuses on the entire body using high repetitions and low weight or body weight. There will be a warm-up, arm focus section, all the major muscles in the legs, hips, thighs, glutes will get love, and mat core work.  It is all here in the class that fuses ballet, isometric movements, yoga, and pilates. Barre can change the shape of your body in a way typical workouts cannot.

Barre Booty Lift

This is a lower body focused class. Specifically targeting the hamstrings and glutes. 45 minutes of lifting, perking and toning for the tush. We add in a little core, upper body and cardio to round it out. 

Kids Aerial Yoga(workshops)

Kids Aerial Yoga is for those that have attended at least one of our kids aerial beginner's series and have a good foundation for flying and balancing. In this class students will have the opportunity to practice those skills learned in the beginner's series in addition to learning more challenging poses, strengthening tricks and building sequences. Ages 6-11, and any child under 8 must be accompanied by an adult during the 45 minute class.

Aerial Lyra Hoop(workshops)

Lyra is a very beautiful preforming art- seen in acrobatic shows and circuses. It is a steel hoop used to do various hangs, spins, tricks etc. It requires the building of strength, balance, grace, and courage. This class is mostly offered as a workshop, please check workshop page for dates.


Barre Fly Breakdown & Barre Fly

Our signature class incorporates yoga, pilates, anti-gravity core and classic barre isometric movements to change your body quickly and effectively. Expect to go out of your comfort zone, and to a whole new level of fitness. Think full body rocking barre class, with anti-gravity core section at end.

Barre Fly Breakdown is the beginner version of our Barre Fly class- we literally break down all the moves for you and get you in perfect form. 

Beginner Aerial Yoga & Aerial Yoga/Aerial Tricks

(classes & workshops)

We offer different levels of aerial yoga classes. Beginner Aerial Yoga is for those who have never been in a hammock before and need to learn the basic skills and terminology. Aerial Yoga class is intermediate, beginners are welcome here but we won't be breaking down everything from the beginning. Find deep stretches and compression free inversions. Our Aerial Tricks class is more advanced and is for the students who are looking to challenge themselves, strength wise and trick/flip wise. 


Ever heard of a low impact HIIT class? We have it. We use resistance bands rigged from the ceiling to make your landing light but your heart rate go up. The extra H is for our aerial hammock intervals. The most efficient 30 minute workout around. Get it done quick and feel like you ran on the treadmill and did a full ab class. What's not to like?



Cirque Fit

This is a fun fitness class looking to build your strength & flexibility through body weight exercises using the lyra hoop and aerial fabrics. If you are looking to advance your arts tricks to the next level or just build strength in a new way, this is perfect for you. 

Done in a circuit style workout this class includes...

Aerial Lyra Conditioning
Using a suspended metal hoop we will condition full body hanging, grip strength, & core endurance movements.

Cirque Strength Practice
Using body weight we will practice in full body fluidity movements, isometric holds & a variety of core strengthening positions.

Aerial Yoga Tricks & Stretch
Using aerial hammocks & silks we will condition flexibility, transition movements, full body strength & partner tricks.

Acrobatic Yoga & Partner Assisted Contortion Training
Using a partner we will work through guided acro-yoga asanas & partner-assisted stretching to push past passive stretching limitations.

Cirque Performance Development
This class format allows for integration of students personal cirque goals & is meant to develop the strength & endurance for all fitness activities