Class Descriptions



Step up to the (ballet) barre and see what everyone is raving about. This is our traditional full body toning class using a high rep and low weight method. Every class we kill your core, upper body, legs and glutes. This is a classic for a reason, it works!



All about lifting that seat! We work our way around each glute and hit the hamstrings and inner thighs for good measure! You’ll be cursing our name when you go to sit down the next morning in the best way possible! A fan favorite!


Our Barre class taken up a level, literally. We “fly” using our ceiling mounted resistance bands and aerial hammocks for TRX inspired core work and cardio intervals. All of the toning goodness from barre with a little extra jolt!



(H)HIIT                                                                            Ever heard of a low impact HIIT class? We have it. We use resistance bands rigged from the ceiling to make your landing light but your heart rate go up. The extra H is for our aerial hammock intervals. The most efficient 30 minute workout around. Get it done quick and feel like you ran on the treadmill and did a full ab class. What's not to like?

(PS sometimes we combine it with toning barre moves in Barre +(H)HIIT)


Aerial Yoga classes are a fun way to work new muscles and get deep stretches through hanging and letting gravity for you instead of against you! Finding grace and strength to move through our aerial flows and workshops is just what the doctor ordered to get you out of your workout rut.


AERIAL LYRA HOOP                                Lyra Hoop is a beautiful Aerial Circus apparatus class that is performed on a suspended metal hoop. It’s a challenging workout that teaches you grace, strength and power as you pose, flip, hang and dance suspended in the air. Leggings and/or leg warmers recommended as you defy gravity in this class.



Things to know:

1. We use a mat for all of our classes. Please bring an exercise mat with you to class. We also rent them at the studio for $2. 

2. Wear comfy/stretchy work out clothing. For aerial yoga please wear clothing that covers your legs and arm pits.

3. For aerial yoga we do not allow jewelry of any kind in the hammocks. Please come prepared to remove it or leave it at home.