Teacher Training


Teach Body Awareness. Teach Body Love. Teach Barre Fly…

Barre Fly is an upbeat and empowering full body toning workout. We use a combination of high repetitions and light weight/resistance to get your triceps tight and your booty perky. We do it all, the full body, to fatigue. We use aerial hammocks to challenge your body in a new way to tone your whole body at once, but specifically to find a new level of strength in your core.

Our teacher training is 16 hours of…well, hard work. We ask a lot of our students and we set a high standard for our teachers.

Specifically you will learn

-A entire sequence: warm-up, upper body, lower body, core. You will leave training with detailed understanding and cues to demonstrate and communicate effectively to a class of any level.

-Anatomy and Kinesiology which will educate you on the method of why and how Barre Fly works to change bodies.

-What we call Keeping The Pace. Energy, music, and flow.

-Logistics. How to measure aerial hammocks, hang them, move them etc.

*Know that you can teach Barre Fly anywhere, even if your space does not have aerial hammocks.


March 13-16 2019

Wed-Friday evenings 5:30-9:30pm

Saturday 12:30-5:30pm

Location: BOTH locations. We will be running these training simultaniously in Canton and Cleveland. So you can pick which ever location works best for you!

Investment: $600, a $100 deposit is required upfront to hold your space in the training.

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