All of our barre classes are a full body burning and toning workout set to fun, fast paced music. The basic structure of all of our barre classes are as follows- warm up, arm focus, glute-thigh(inner and outer)-hamstring focus, mat work done at end with core, back and flexibility focus. Every class is different- you will never experience the exact same class twice!

Barre Basics

 Our Barre Basics class is all of the things in our basic structure done at a slower pace with more set up and instruction to cater to those unfamiliar with barre technique. Difficulty level- 1-2. 


Barre class follows our same basic structure as above. However it is a more difficult class at a level 2-3. Expect longer holds, longer repetition sequences and to move faster between sets. 

Barre with Bands

Barre with Bands is our level 2-3 barre class with resistance bands used at the barre and instead of or with hand weights. Your muscles quickly adapt to movements you do often, which is why we offer variety with our bands class. 

Power Pilates

Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs by building strength, increasing flexibility and developing a strong core. This total body toning class incorporates strength training and mat Pilates to create muscles that are long and lean. This is not your traditional Pilates class. You’ll burn fat and calories and gain lean muscle in this pumped up class that’s set to upbeat music.

Brazilian Booty Lift

A fun energetic class where you will be targeting the derrière specifically for 45 minutes straight. We do this class with ankle weights on (optional for beginners) to really amp up and lift up our bottoms. Sneakers are suggested (but not required) for this class so the weights don't rub across the tops of your feet.

Cardio Barre

A faster paced version of our barre class- longer holds are replaced with faster reps and more cardio intervals. Be ready to get your heart rate up and sweat on because this class is a calorie torcher.

What to Bring to The Barre

1. Grip Socks

-All of our barre classes require some form of grip socks. Basically just a foot covering with traction on the bottom. There are many different brands available anywhere from Amazon, Target, Dicks Sporting Goods or at the studio. We carry a brand called Toe Sox. Classes on the mat the entire time like Power Pilates or Brazilian Booty Lift (where sneakers are optional) grip socks are not required.


2. A Fitness Mat

- Please bring your own fitness mat- any kind will do! We do rent mats at the studio for $2.


3. A water

-Always a good idea to stay hydrated. We do sell water at the studio for $1.


*Everything else will be provided for you. (sweat towel & equipment/props)